Final Four Retail Days

Final Four Countdown Begins Today at 1:00 - Only 4 more retail days left to shop/visit New York Thrives! Don't miss this last chance to peruse our fantastic assortment of used, collectible and antiques furniture and decor, buy a gift item for the Bee or Chicken fancier in your life or pick up some great gardening, composting, water storage gear or some great books. New York Thrives at 1028 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY Open This Thursday 1-6:00; Friday 9:30-6:00; Saturday 9:30-6:00 and Sunday 12:00-4:00

Life Boxes on Super Sale 25% - 50% Off!

Lifeboxes 25-50% Off! Why use an ordinary box to box gifts or ship your items - use a box that can be PART of the gift! Instead of throwing these boxes away or adding them to the recycle pile, Lifeboxes contain both tree seeds and beneficial fungi (to enhance seed growth). Every box can BE PLANTED to produce new trees! How cool is that?! Available locally ONLY at New York Thrives and now on sale. Tell all your friends.

Dad's Day Golf Items for Sale

Your Father's Day shopping just got easier because you came to New York Thrives. We have a few new and used items in stock you can grab when you come in for your chicken feed or freeze dried ice cream! Don't miss these great items - grab them before we close on June 30th!

Thrive Life June"Qpon" Special Freeze Dried Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Thrive Life June Q-pon Special Freeze Dried Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sale for the Summer begins June 1st! It won't melt in the car, is great to take on trips to the beach or on vacation and is a super idea for a dripless kids party! Extra Special pricing available to customers on our monthly automatic delivery "Q" program - not available in our retail store - only through online ordering.


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